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Very soon, pubg mobile new state will be officially released, and there are many gamers can’t wait to play it.

Just how much do you know about PUBG new state? What’s the release date?

Are there any differences between PUBG classic mode and PUBG new state? And what are the rules and gaming method of PUBG new state?

Want to know about them? Then don’t miss out this article! We hope it will give you a good start in your journey to conquer the last standing ground on earth in the new era!

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new update in pubg

PUBG Mobile New State Devices

Upcoming news about Mobile gaming by PUBG company.

PUBG MOBILE INDIA is an android based video game released in 2022.

Player unknown battle ground mobile new state is most famous game over mobile devices.

Pubg latest new features to boost its gaming experience are discussed here.

It has more than 1 million user worldwide since its release.

For that reason, pubg mobile india already download by users on their devices 1 million times from Android market site.

This game is much more interesting then other previous one like candy crush saga or subway surfers which were famous before pubg mobile was invented.

pubg mobile new state, new update pubg mobile new state

Tips on Gaming for pubg mobile New State

Although PUBG Mobile still has some kinks to work out, it’s already one of our favorite battle royale games.

Here are a few tips on gaming that can help you become better at the game:


1. Join a squad: It’s easier to win when you have friends.

2. Communicate with your team—or at least listen in on their communications: It’s no fun losing when your teammates don’t work together or talk regularly during matches.

3. Choose your gear wisely: Sure, a sniper rifle might sound fun for camping out in a window or hiding in some bushes outside a house—but it’s not as much fun when someone finds you first.

4. Make sure you look where you want to go! It’s easy to run into walls or fall off buildings if you aren’t looking where you’re going.

pubg mobile new state, new update pubg mobile new state

5. Don’t get too comfortable: If there’s only one seat left on a plane, would you take it? Probably not—and neither should anyone else who wants to live longer in PUBG Mobile.

6. Use both analog sticks: You’ll move faster if you use both sticks instead of just one (especially if you’re trying to escape from other players).

7. Keep an eye on the map: There are red zones that indicate danger spots, so keep an eye out for them when moving around different areas of each map (they’ll be marked by red circles).

8. When shooting, hold down fire until you see a hit marker: This will ensure you actually hit your target and won’t waste ammo.

9. Know when to let go of that trigger: Unless you really need to finish off an enemy player, stop firing once they’ve been injured enough—otherwise they’ll respawn somewhere else and come after you again later.

pubg mobile new state, new update pubg mobile new state

Remember These Points Must For Pubg mobile New state Play

10. Remember to check your phone every now and then: Not all loot boxes contain items worth keeping, but checking periodically is important for staying competitive throughout each match.

11. Don’t forget about vehicles: Cars, boats, motorcycles—there are lots of ways to get around quickly and avoid other players while doing so.

12. Watch out for red zones: They’ll damage you over time if you enter them, so avoid walking through them whenever possible.

13. Shoot through windows carefully: The glass might block most bullets from hitting enemies inside a building—so shoot carefully if you want to make sure your shots count!

14. Pay attention to weapon attachments: Having better attachments on your weapons means more damage dealt per shot—which means more kills for you over time! 15.

pubg mobile new state, new update pubg mobile new state

How to Play in Solo Mode

  1. Get an Android or iOS device with PUBG Mobile installed
  2. Play!
  3. Reach #1 in your state (yep!)
  4. Record yourself
  5. Share your highlight on social media as well as @PUBATTLEGROUNDS
  6. Tag us with #pubgmobileindia—we’ll retweet all of them!
  7. Repeat Step 1-6 until you reach your ultimate goal of being crowned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds King/Queen! You can get a look at what it takes to win in #PGNeds highlights video, below . And don’t forget to tune into our live stream tomorrow night for even more gameplay tips!
pubg mobile new state, new update pubg mobile new state

How to Play in Duo Mode

Playing with friends is always more fun than playing alone. You can play PUBG Mobile in Duo Mode while connected to a 3G/4G or Wifi internet connection.

All you need to do is select Duo Mode and choose who you want to play with. When your match has started, teammates will only be able to see each other’s location on their game map for easier coordination.

Matches played in Duo Mode cannot be finished solo after beginning.

new update in pubg

How to Play in Squad Mode

The newest version of PUBG Mobile was rolled out with a total of eight squads in which each squad has a captain who will be responsible for most of your actions during battle.

To start playing Squad Mode, you need to create or join a squad in PUBG mobile.

For doing so, go to Squad option after opening PUBG Mobile game menu and click on CREATE SQUAD or select an existing squad from JOIN SQUAD option.

After selecting a game mode as per your choice (solo or Squad), you can now proceed with forming/joining a new squad for yourself using one of two available ways.

new update in pubg

Tips on Game Strategy of Pubg Mobile new state

Playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) can be easy for beginners. Here are some tipspubg mobile to help you master PUBG Mobile’s gameplay.

There are five areas where beginner players can improve their skills. Pay attention to each of these areas when you play games and make sure you include them in your training routine.

Although mastering any one of these skills won’t win you a game, it can mean that next time, you’re just that little bit more likely to survive until last man standing.

new update in pubg

Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly make changes in PUBG Mobile? There are more than a dozen available on both Android and iOS versions of PUBG Mobile.

Check out some of our favorites below. Want to learn more? Check out our full list of keyboard shortcuts here. Shift + T – Take Screenshot
ctrl+F-Open Friends List
Ctrl + D – Disable Aiming Assistance
Ctrl + G – Toggle Gamplay View
F11 – Turn On/Off Auto-Run
F12 – Take Screenshot with HUD disabled
F5 or Alt+Enter – Fullscreen Mode (Android) / Windowed Mode (iOS) F9 – Exit Game (Android) / Quit Game (iOS) while connected to a server.

You will be prompted to save your match before exiting/quitting. If you have not saved your match yet, then it will be lost when you exit/quit.

new update in pubg

Counter Measures While Playing

To win in PUBG Mobile, you’ll have to be vigilant.

Don’t trust anyone unless you know them personally; that includes teammates. Scan every new room carefully before approaching and check behind doors if they’re open.

Staying aware of your surroundings is essential to staying alive. If other players are coming for you, your best bet is probably just running away as fast as possible because most guns won’t kill someone in one shot—unless you get a headshot or land two body shots consecutively.

You can also use firecrackers (or similar items) to distract opponents; remember that other players will often use first-person cameras so try tossing it at their feet rather than high up on a shelf or nearby table.

new update in pubg

What if I am Infected?

The best method for preventing infection is to simply not play.

That may sound a bit extreme but it is actually practical. PUBG Mobile has been very popular in India and more players are being infected as each day passes.

Once you are infected, you will begin to experience symptoms within 48 hours.

If you do become infected and find that you cannot survive without playing then there are some steps that can be taken to lower your risk of spreading infection or contracting a new disease.

First off, keep your phone’s virus protection software up-to-date so that any foreign malware programs (like PUBG Mobile) will be automatically removed from your phone when discovered.

pubg mobile new state, new update pubg mobile new state

Other Important Points!

PUBG gaming rules are set to change in its next version.

The new update will be released on September 4th along with a new state.

PUBG Mobile India has become an instant hit in 20 states due to its exciting gameplay method.

This is one of best games for PC which has been developed by Tencent Games and published by Tencent Games.

The mobile version of PUBG can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store.

All you need is high-speed internet connectivity to play it on your mobile device or tablet without any issues whatsoever!

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